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Entrepreneurship Makes New Job Creation Possible

Unemployment among university graduates in Indonesia reached the alarming figure of 1.1 million at the end of 2008. One way of reducing this number is through a systematic entrepreneurship education program for students. For this to have any chance of sustainable success, a synergy is needed involving government, university, business and social figures.


Entrepreneurship is demonstrated by the power of turning ideas into reality, no matter how silly or how crazy they are. Entrepreneurship has the power of equipping and empowering students who do not even have any business background, to get to the stage of innovative venture creation.


This has been happening in the United States for more than 35 years. Donald F. Kuratko in Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice noted that the number of colleges offering entrepreneurship-related programs has grown from a handful to more than 1,600 between 1995 and 2005.


The US venture creation record is too good to be true. Kuratko shows that within that same decade, the average number of new business incorporations was astonishingly high. Each year, the country saw an average of 600,000 business startups, expansions, or development. The highest was in 1995, when 807,000 new small firms were established. Since 1980, Fortune 500 companies have shed more than 5 million jobs, but at the same time, more than 34 million new jobs have been created.


What is entrepreneurship? In Indonesia, it has been mistakenly reduced to trading, which is really a subset of entrepreneurship. This misconception has led to entrepreneurship programs becoming merely training grounds for trading activities. A huge part of entrepreneurship training should indeed involve opportunity creation, innovation and calculated-risk taking.


Tina Zeelig
, executive director for Stanford Technology Ventures Program, defines entrepreneurship as the pursuit of opportunity beyond the resources you control. William J. Baumol, senior economist and professor emeritus at Princeton University and co-author of Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism, and the Economics of Growth and Prosperity cited that entrepreneurial processes involve the discovery and fulfillment of opportunity.


A successful entrepreneur will steer an idea into a commercial reality. In order to realize it, one needs to acquire knowledge and skills in addition to being bold, imaginative, resourceful and constantly learning.


Ciputra, the founder of the Ciputra Group, defines entrepreneurship as the skill that would turn trash and scrap into gold. His four-decade experience leads him to believe that true entrepreneurs generate added-value by creating opportunity to use innovation and are willing to take calculated mental and financial risks in order to propel his idea into a commercial success.


If entrepreneurship is such an appealing factor for job creation and eventually drive the Indonesian economy forward, can entrepreneurship be taught? If yes, what are the best approaches and practices of entrepreneurship training for Indonesian university students?


This takes us to the perennial debate about whether entrepreneurs are created or born. Peter Drucker, the leading management thinker of our time, went straight to the heart of the issue when he said: "The entrepreneurial mystique? It's not magic, it's not mysterious, and it has nothing to do with the genes. It's a discipline. And, like any discipline, it can be learned."

We do not need to go far to prove Drucker's statement. In 2007, the Universitas Ciputra Entrepreneurship Center initiated the Campus Entrepreneur Program (CEP) in cooperation with the Graduate School of the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM).


The result was amazing. This experience convinced us that entrepreneurship can be taught.


Theoretically, similar programs should be created in Indonesian major cities to scale up the impact of the CEP in Indonesia. However, its success depends highly on the quality of the trainers who have had years of experience in the real business world and are knowledgeable in entrepreneurship based learning methods.


Our first priority is therefore to focus on training and creating teams of trainers that will be able to create similar success throughout Indonesia. Two hundred professors from 60 universities throughout Indonesia have been trained to perform such a task. However, it is not enough because the five-day Training of Trainers (TOT) covers only the foundation and the philosophy of the CEP.


What we need is that these going-to-be entrepreneurship trainers experience the full course of the CEP in order to really deal with the experiential learning the CEP students have. This is so that the trainers will gain their own personal experience of becoming an entrepreneur.


If we talk about 2,800 existing colleges and universities in Indonesia, we need a greater commitment from every stakeholder: Government, Academicians, Business society and Social figures (GABS). The synergy should work hand in hand to create a fertile breeding ground and atmosphere for new job creation; a great amount of government funding, university entrepreneurship program development by academicians, mentorship from business society and social value guidelines from social figures.


by Agung Waluyo
Entrepreneurship Education Manager at the Universitas Ciputra Entrepreneurship Center

Published on Jakarta Post.

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Thanks a lot for sharing

Thanks a lot for sharing such a great article. I am also a university student and my major is finance.Its very true that if we can't create our job,all of us can't expect to get a suitable job or any job at all because job market is really really competitive. Unfortunately most of the students dream to work with a reputed company and in this way they waste their valuable time searching for the job.i think the entrepreneurship programs will at least able to change our mind set.

Entrepreneurship Makes New Job Creation Possible

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Masih Ada?

Saya pernah mendapat informasi tentang sekolah enterpreneurship untuk orang-orang yang tertarik berwirausaha dan digembleng menjadi enterpreneur dalam beberapa bulan dan mendaftarnya di PPs UGM. Apa masih terbuka di sana? Kapan pendaftarannya? Berapa biayanya? Mohon infonya. Terima kasih.

saya adalah istri dari

saya adalah istri dari seorang pengusaha yang bergerak dalam bidang kontraktor. perusahaan suami saya saat ini dalam kondisi pailit. Akibat terguncangnya perekonomian dunia pada tahun 2008. Saat ini usia suami 51 tahun, sebelum menjadi pengusaha suami bekerja sebagai financial consultant dr beberapa perusahaan. Suami saya adalah seorang sarjana akuntansi, beliau juga ahli dalam berbagai bidang akuntansi n perbankan .apakah bapak bisa memberikan solusi saat ini bagi kami pekerjaan apa yang bisa diberikan pada suami saya. kalau untuk menjadi pengusaha kami terbentur modal. saat ini kami memiliki hutang yang membelit pinggang. jadi rasanya sulit untuk membangun perusahaan kembali tanpa modal. saya menunggu saran dari bapak. terima kasih.

Very nicely written post it

Very nicely written post it contains useful information for me. I am happy to find your distinguished way of writing the post. Now you make it easy for me to understand and implement the concept. Thank you for the post.

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Two hundred professors from

Two hundred professors from 60 universities throughout Indonesia have been trained to perform such a task. However, it is not enough because the five-day Training of Trainers covers only the foundation and the philosophy of the CEP.

Indonesian major cities to

Indonesian major cities to scale up the impact of the CEP in Indonesia. However, its success depends highly on the quality of the trainers who have had years of experience in the real business world and are knowledgeable in entrepreneurship based learning methods.


Thanks for the useful information. All this will greatly help me in my work on new projects!


Interesting, my opinion is

Entrepreneurship is the future, I believe, the job market is dying, literally everywhere in the western world, so it appears as though self-enterprise is going to be almost imperative for a great many of us. The good thing is that there are many opportunities out there, especially in the field of internet technology, so there is no time better than today, to jump on the bandwagon.

Self Reliable Entrepreneurship in Indonesia

over these past few years, entrepreneurship has really taken a huge leap forward in bringing jobs to the Indonesian economy. The incredible thing is, that it seems that the Indonesian people seem very selfreliable in creating new companies. A strong spirit to thrive forward is greatly needed in a developing country such as Indonesia.

It also recommends answers

It also recommends answers favor finding ability in else geographic terrains, hiring tractable, dependent doers moreover adopting hyper specialization, in which jobs are fragmentary crestfallen to be accomplished by exceedingly specialized doers who do barely exact burdens.

Find a new job is not really

Find a new job is not really hard! Just have to try more and then do it!

The combination of your blog

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