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about us


Universitas Ciputra Entrepreneurship Center (UCEC) is created to carry on a certain vision that emanated from Dr. Ir. Ciputra (the Chairman of Ciputra Group).



"Entrepreneurship for the holistic and integrated improvement of the quality of life and the betterment
of humanity with global impact."



To improve life through creating and sustaining economic growth via entrepreneurial economy. University of Ciputra Entrepreneurship Center is a vehicle to achieve such grand vision and to accomplish the noble mission
by aiming at the worldwide spread of the idea of entrepreneurship and of the entrepreneurial spirit.



  • Making everlasting positive contribution to the world economy.
  • The provision of a crucial solution to abolish poverty at all level through entrepreneurship.
  • the provision of a crucial solution to abolish poverty at all level through entrepreneurship.
  • Spread the entrepreneurship education worldwide
  • Provide simple and basic entrepreneurship education for the poorest of the poor in order to equip them with entrepreneurial traits and skills so they may survive and break free from their poverty

Ir. Antonius Tanan, MBA, MSc, MA

Mr. Antonius Tanan had joined in Ciputra Group since 1987. He has been served as one of Ciputra Director and also the president of UCEC. He had been working on several Ciputra Group Business Project, such as, housing, mall, hotel, apartment, media and estate sale. He was graduated from Universitas Parahyangan for Civil Engineer major, Prasetiya Mulya Business School for his master degree, University College London and University of Connecticut. Since 2005, intensively accompanied DR. (HC). Ir. Ciputra spreading entrepreneurship in Indonesia.

Dharma Kusuma, SPsi

Mr. Dharma Kusuma graduated from Maranatha University Bandung, majoring in Psychology and joined in Ciputra Group since 2003. Before joined in Ciputra, he had been served in SQC, a training centre built by BCA and SQ (Singapore) which continued by Sinar Mas Group. He continuously focusing his training in service excellent, life skill, out-bond and creativity. He has developed variety of training mechanism in Ciputra Group. Mr. Dharma Kusuma is one of the pioneer of UCEC. During that time, he got lesson straight from Ciputra Group work environment and the entrepreneurship master, DR. (HC). Ir. Ciputras.

Ivan Sandjaja

A solid background in Chemistry and Business Management "CONNOISEUR" with over 14 years of successful professional and business experience in diverse senior managerial positions.

Business focused and customer service oriented, trilingual, vibrant interpersonal skill, commited and self-demanding, result oriented, tipping point leadership, down-to-earth, orderly, creative, dynamic, and extensively experienced in human resources management.


Learning about entrepreneurship makes my soul awakens from a long and deep sleep


Entrepreneurship is not impossible. If you take the class it means you already have a willing to be entrepreneur.


Pak Ciputra,
You said we could make quantum leap with entrepreneurship.
Thank you for believe in us.

Lina Marlina

I am trully blessed to have opportunity to learn about Entrepreneurship with Universitas Ciputra Entrepreneurship Center. Now, i feel extremely prepared to go out in the world and be an Entrepreneur.

Anno Djuni.


The Importance of Prior Knowledge

The most common mistake that entreprenuer make is that they focus on their product. The tend to ignore to learn from the expert. However, this kind of knowledge is priceless. Expert may have experience that newborn entrepreneur haven't had.

Johannesburg to Host Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2017

The Global Entrepreneurship Network announced today that South Africa has earned the right to host the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) in 2017.

Mexico City to Host 2015 Startup Nations Summit

Next November during Global Entrepreneurship Week, Mexico City will host a global gathering of startup champions, researchers, policymakers and others working to advance entrepreneurial growth in countries around the world

Dorong Kemajuan UKM, Ciputra Foundation Adakan Global Entrepreneurship Week Indonesia Summit 2014

Banyak orang saat ini memilih untuk menjalani usaha sendiri atau entrepreneurship. Menjadi seorang entrepreneurship sangatlah menyenangkan, di mana Anda bisa membuat suatu usaha yang menguntungkan sesuai dengan kemampuan Anda.

Event - Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014

Live Streaming Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014


Indonesia - Fiji Entrepreneurship Workshop

Indonesia, coordinated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Universitas Ciputra Entrepreneurship Center held an entrepreneurship workship, along with Fiji government in order to widespread entrepreneurship.

Germany Corporation Visit Ciputra Foundation to learn Indonesian Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

ThysseKrupp, Germany Company, came to visit Ciputra Foundation for their learning expedition program.

GIZ 3rd Session of Entrepreneurship Training

The 3rd training Entrepreneurship for alumni of Indonesian student who went to German.

Forum Group Discussion (FGD) with Indonesia Central Bank

Indonesia Central Bank Held a Forum Discussion with Some Expert in Entrepreneurship from Government and Private Sector

Get In The Ring 2015

Get In The Ring 2015 Investment Battle


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Ciputra World 1, DBS Tower 39th Floor
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5
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